The Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments – VMMI was conceived as one of the actions within the Project named “Delgado de Carvalho Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments”, proposed by the Brazilian Institute of Information on Sciences and Technology in partnership with the Musical School of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, for the Public Announcement from FAPERJ – The State of Rio de Janeiro’s Support Fund of Arts Production and Promotion – 2011,

aiming to begin the reactivation, re-structuring and widening of the Delgado de Carvalho Instruments Museum – DCIM on a virtual space, and in the future on a concrete space.
On this first version of the VMMI the main point is the virtual catalogue of musical instruments of the Delgado de Carvalho Instruments Museum. Detailed information, as well as audio and video files of each instrument, can be found there.

The Catalogue :: Instruments

In the catalogue, instruments have been divided into four categories, as established by Hornbostel & Sachs ((1914) 1961), according to the way sound is produced, that is, according to the instrument’s vibration:

Other sections

In the catalogue, the instruments are presented in an index card with the following groups of information: instrument’s identification and general data; specimen’s specific data; instrument’s observations, historical information and curiosities; audiovisual recordings; bibliographical references.

The VMMI presents two sections reserved for information on musical instruments and themes alike: “agenda”, a free space, being permanently renewed, with opinions and curiosities and “articles and interviews” a space for longer and academic articles.
Also present on the virtual space are the “norms defined for the elaboration of the catalogue”; the used “bibliographical references”; the “project’s” general information and links to “other music museums”.