The Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments

Conceived as a dynamic space and in continuous expansion, the MVIM is dedicated to preserving the memory of musical instruments, basic sources to understand the History of Music, presented in an environment of the XXI century. It is intended for a large audience, from children to researchers. Very soon educational activities for teachers and students will be incorporated to the MVIM.

Explore the collection through the search

In this version, the MVIM presents a musical instruments catalog with texts for reference, images, and audio materials; articles; interviews and bibliography. Go to the top part of the menu and find what you are looking for in “Instruments”, searching in the whole collection or per category. Otherwise, if you prefer, choose the refined research using filters of advanced search.

NEWS: and after all what are idiophones, membranophones, cordophones, and aerophones?

Man produces music since prehistorical times, first using his own voice and then musical instruments. At that time, everything could be a source of sound: bones, pieces of wood, stones. And now, after great evolution in the making of instruments, scholars and Museum experts have decided to organize them according to the way that sound is produced.